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Me: *workingworkingworking* *glances out window* *calls to sibling* SIBLING! Why did you put a stuffed rat toy on my windowsill?

Sibling, from another room: ... What?

Me: There's a stupid stuffed rat on my windowsill. I am asking why.

Sibling: I didn't put a stuffed rat on your windowsill, you enormous freak!

Me: *looks closer* ... Indeed you did not.

Decidedly-not-stuffed rat: *hisses and flees*

I'm not alarmed so much as confused. We've got a snake somewhere in the garden, she's supposed to be taking care of this kind of thing for us.

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Pfff your description of the rat running away made me laugh - although I'm curious about the kind of snake you have that takes care of them, what breed is it?

We think it might be a mole snake; it's about the right colour.

As far as pest control goes, I'd far rather have a snake than a cat. Snakes don't leave dead things on your pillow.

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