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Dear Dude who keeps parking in front of the entrance of the hospital where I work,


That is where the AMBULANCE goes.

Maybe you trump the ambulance if you were busy having a heart attack or a similar emergency when you parked there. But I don't think so, because you've done this four times now. You've been CLAMPED four times. Seriously, the hell? It's not like there isn't a huge parking lot. Even if you have to park right at the far end of it, we've got a guy in a golf cart who takes people round to the front. I'm not saying finding parking isn't lousy, it is, and it's especially lousy for folks who have chronic pain or suchlike. But people come into that particular parking spot three heartbeats away from actual DEATH. Also, isn't it costing you, like, money to get unclamped every time? If your legs hurt too much to park further away and walk to the entrance, can't you a. get someone to drop you off or b. ask for a wheelchair? We have those. We're a hospital. You don't get a bill for using one. I know a some people don't like using them. Problem is, there's only so much space around the entrance. We have to prioritise. But you know what? There are eight parking spaces for patients not more than ten feet away from the ambulance parking space and the entrance. And almost ALL OF THEM were empty when I came out and saw your car there.

All of them except one. The ambulance was parked in that one.


Dear Medical supplies delivery van that dinged my car and drove speedily in the opposite direction while I was opening and shutting my mouth like a guppy fish,



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