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I think I am the last person left on the Internet who doesn't like the Coen brothers.

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I don't think I know who those are so there's me at least.

They did No Country for Old Men, O Brother Where Art Thou?, A Serious Man and several other things that went on to win all the awards. Here’s their TvTropes page;

I don't hate them, I just don't get why people love their movies so much. Take A Serious Man for example. I sat through the whole movie with absolutely no idea of what the plot was, or why I was supposed to care what happened to the main character.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I am an unsophisticated peasant, and am still of the opinion that the primary function of a movie (or a book or a painting or a piece of music) should be to tell a story. The better the story is, the better the story is told, the better the movie is. Conveying information, challenging peoples' mindsets and assumptions, making Art, that's all very good and important, and will contribute to how good a movie it is. But if the story doesn't hang together, I don't care. I can’t. I had no idea what the story was in A Serious Man. When did it start? When he was ogling his neighbour? When his wife kicked him out? When the kid asked for a grade change? When did it climax? I'm pretty sure it didn't. What was the end? There WASN'T ONE. It just cut off, and I'm left staring at the screen wondering what they wanted me to take from that. It wasn't entertaining. It didn't teach me anything new. Same thing with No Country. I liked the characters, there were some amazing moments, but there was no ending. Main character dies halfway through, bad guy almost dies in a completely unrelated car accident but manages to crawl away, the other main character achieves nothing and spends his few remaining moments on screen moping about achieving nothing. It felt like everything just gave up forty minutes in with a sound like a deflating soufflé. Only the directors MEANT it to happen that way, they did that on PURPOSE.

The only thing they've done so far that I liked was Burn After Reading. That had a story. (Which is weird, because it's a movie about how real life DOESN'T function like a story). It began with John Malkovich getting fired, the climax was when Brad Pitt got shot, the ending was when Malkovich died. There was a lot of intricate plot weaving between these events, there was a lot of hilarious satire of spy movies, but there was a story I could follow.

And I always feel stupid after leaving one of their movies because everyone seems to have taken away something from the experience that I didn’t. I LOVE movies, I love to analyse movies, and I keep going to see their movies because I think that maybe this time I’ll GET IT. I never do.

Coming up next, why TS Eliot is a stupidhead.

Ohhh, I've only seen one of their films, The Big Lebowski, and all I remember is...
Me: *watches movie, unimpressed, a little confused, moves on with life, ????*

But I know the exact phenomena you're describing. Someone also once tried to get me to watch the Mighty Boosh, insisting that I would love it (on what basis I'm still a little confused). I ended up being offended by the show's very existence, because it seemed to exist to do NOTHING but be REALLY CONFUSING. This saddened me and left me with nothing to take home but the sad feeling in my gut. Any form of entertainment that more or less subscribes to the Dadaism (HATE) mode of thinking is completely lost on me. Also I just Do Not like abstract art; I'm a picky picky customer that way.

Stories are pretty much nothing short of sacred from my standpoint, they're my hallowed ground, and I am adverse to anything that spits in the eye of all the wonder a good story can bring you. So yes. In short, I completely agree.

(Why IS TS Eliot a stupidhead? I've never actually disliked him, then again my exposure to him is just a bunch of silly poems about cats.)

I'm mostly indifferent to be honest 0_o.

Thing is, I mostly am too. I don't HATE them. But everyone else I know loves them so much, being indifferent feels morally wrong somehow. *shrugs*

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