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Pigeon in the kitchen.

Unlike the rat, that's actually not so surprising. They're coming in once a month or so at the moment through the catflap (no casualities yet; we don't have a cat. We have daxxies, they use it, so we don't block it off.) Thought they might be coming in to get at the birdseed we keep by the window (I dunno, maybe they can smell it? Can pigeons smell? Are pigeons capable of the level of deductive reasoning that lets them go birdseed = on other side of window, other side of window = INSIDE, catflap = INSIDE? Can they conceptualise 'the other side of the window'? I don't think our pigeons are that smart. Maybe they just come in because it's cold? Because it is cold. It is VERY cold. And now I have to keep the kitchen door and all the windows open in the hopes that he or she will fly out, so all the heat in the house is slowly leaking out. Thank you, Mr Pigeon. I hope you get disemboweled by a hawk.

Also, happy birthday Maria Lucimar Pereira.


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