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Wait, the person who directed Monster is directing Thor 2?


I liked Monster! I did! (And so did every other person in my class because our teacher made us go see it. because we had to Support Charlize, just like we had to go see District 9 because if we didn't we were Secretly Ashamed of Our Country. (God, that movie was disappointing. I have never, EVER  hated a protagonist more. I liked the protagonist from Battlefield Earth more than I liked Wikkus.)

That said, I cannot imagine any two movies more dissimilar than Thor and Monster. It's as though they got Bluth to do Saving Private Ryan. Although I suppose it goes a little way to allaying my fears that the sequel will be the dumbed-down explosion fest that was Iron Man 2. And it's great to get a female director (weep idiot fanboys weep your tears taste like melted butter and ichor). And maaaaaybe this increases the chances of movie!Karnilla or movie!Hela?

Also, I am officially a Chair Killer.

It's weird, because I'm tiny. (Not tiny as in 'delicate precious pixie person', tiny as in 'weird, goggle-eyed goblin that lives under the flowerpot'. I don't weigh much, is the point.) And, I swear, the last four years in a row, I have killed at least one chair a year. In 2009, I killed two.

I don't know what I do. I don't have sex on them, I don't sit down in them wearing a suit of armour. And I just wiped out another one. It is lying on the floor in two sad pieces. I am currently sitting on a pile of pillows and a large stuffed duck. I mean, this is weird, isn't it? Most chairs don't just spontaneously collapse after eight months of use, do they?

I'd get a beanbag but a. we have spiders so I like to be off the floor and b. it would probably just explode in a year's time.

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I should really see Monster, I know absolutely nothing about this director, which frustrates me. I want Thor 2 to be good SO SO SO SO SO badly. I want Balder, I want Hela, I want Karnilla, I want so many things, I would settle for just a few of them. I've heard they're planning more of Jane for Thor 2 though which....does not sit well. It's not Jane herself, I'm just very unenthralled by the idea of having more of Natalie Portman's Jane. Balls. I hope that this particular rumor is not true.

But yes, female director hopefully means more sense and less explosions - it's never a solid rule, but in her case I do think it should help.

Also my sister used to have that exact same problem with chairs, I think it's just the way she sat down in them. I mean it's also possible you just have flimsy chairs, but she wasn't big either but she would just...PLOP down, it's surprising how much of a difference the way you sit in a chair can make. Maybe this is something you're doing without realizing it?

Watch Monster, but brace yourself, it's pretty rough.

Apparently there is going to be an Inhumans movie as well. Not sure if want.

I don't mind if the next movie gives us a closer look at how a relationship between a thousand-year-old alien godprince and a human would work out, provided they don't go Peter-and-Mary-Jane on us and manufacture some ridiculously contrived conflict to keep them at will-they-won't-they, and then Thor plays a zippy jazz number and punches her in the face.

My mum thinks it's because I swivel too much on them.
... I do like swivelling. -_-()

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