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I have seen some wonderful contenders for who should play Balder if Balder were ever to appear in the Thor sequels (which he won’t, I am pretty sure).
But this guy… this guy is perfect.
(Warning; this is porn. Do not look if you are in a place where porn is inappropriate.)
Look at the big, silly smile that loves all things. Look at the roundness of his face, suggestive of some retained baby fat. Look at his biceps, which are almost the size of his head.
Look at that ‘confused dog’ expression. You can only have one of two reactions to that face; you either want to cuddle him forever, or you want to shoot him in the heart with a mistletoe arrow and then go off to disguise yourself as an old lady.
More of him here:
(Again, porn. Lots and lots of porn.)
Look at the one where he’s singing. Take the fuckugly glasses off, put a lute in his hands and surround him with woodland creatures. Do you see it now?
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