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i know, i know
It's a kink meme, I know this, I've been writing fic for various fandoms for damn near seven years now, I know how it works. Half the prompts on there are incest, a good quarter of them at least include rape, and I shouldv;e fucking KNOWN that sooner or later someone would post a prompt that managed to hit all of  my triggers at once and that I'd be freaking out for fucking hours afterwards. And I know, it's a kink meme, no one has to justify their kinks, that's the point, it's completely my fucking fault. It wasn't safe, I should;ve known, I shouldnt have gone near it, I know. It didn't help that the prompt was so fucking detailed and explicit, but that's not the point, I should have fucking known. I'm not being fair. I know.

But fucking seriously, if you put a prompt asking for a fucking schmoopy cutesy romantic angst fic incorportating fucking INVOLUNTARY INSTITUTIONALISATION and fucking FORCED MEDICATION and then are even so kind as to fucking detail the fucking SIDE EFFECTS of said forced medication, fuck you, I don't care if I'm not being fair, I am sick to fucking death of your type of shit and you are cordially invited to die in a hole.



scuse me going off to scream and cry and hate things now

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sorry to come across this so long after the fact, but one of the things about your fic that I love so much is your complete refusal to cheat, your dedication to showing all the fucked up sequellae of the fucked up relationship/situation of the prompt. Please don't stop writing.

o3o I'm stalking you a little bit but I'm doing it backwards so would you mind if I asked...
this was so bad...
because you sort of write this kind of thing anyway. Or...? I don't know.
I don't mean to offend you! I'm just wondering.

WAIT you probably wrote that for the kink meme
disregard me, I suck cocks

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